The 5 Biggest Fast Food Restaurant Design Blunders


Fast food restaurants are the most popular among the foodservice businesses as they generate more revenue than any other restaurant type. Despite food quality and customer service being the key elements for success, the design of the restaurant is also a fundamental aspect. Fast food restaurant design is all about how your restaurant looks, its atmosphere, and the mood it promotes. The way that you design your restaurant can make or break your business. Design flaws can be costly for fast food chains, especially because of how competitive the industry is.

Are you an aspiring restaurateur confused about how to design your restaurant startup? Or, do you want to spruce up your fast food restaurant design to provide a refreshing experience? 

Focusing on the right design, layout, furniture, and decor can make a massive impact on your customers. Albeit the changes in restaurant marketing trends and ideas, you’ll have to keep up with fast food restaurant design trends to give customers pleasant experiences. 

Avoiding below fast food restaurant design blunders will assist you in making your outlet customer-friendly, convenient, and welcoming to new and regular customers.

No harmony with the core concept

The most common blunder is your fast food restaurant’s interior design having no harmony with its core principle, that is, with its vision and mission. If you want your customers to feel comfortable with your outlet, you have to design it for them. Understand your customer and what they want, try to connect it with your core principle, and create a layout utilizing colors, efficient workflow, menu, and creativity at its best. Combining all these at the right dose assists you in creating a perfect fast food restaurant design layout to appease your customers.


Improper usage of space

Inefficient use of space decreases a restaurant’s efficiency. Consider a restaurant with improper food storage due to its poor plan, staff would slow down in cooking. As a result, it takes more time to serve the customers. So, it is better to utilize space efficiently by having a well-built floor plan. 

For instance, in the case of a small fast food restaurant design, it is best to make sure that it isn’t overcrowded with furniture. Using a combination of tables and booths that are placed along walls, spaced reasonably in an open area will leave enough room for your customers and staff to walk around the fast food outlet without bumping into each other and the furniture. Make sure you configure the tables and seats providing maximum seating capacity comfortably.

Irrelevant decor and designs


A restaurant is not just a place to eat; it is a brand with a story and personality. The story of your brand should be shared, so that customers find it easy to connect with your restaurant. A decent amount of fast food restaurant design concepts consist of irrelevant decorations and designs that don’t align with their brand image or personality. Eiffel tower posters on the wall and teddy bears on shelves do belong together while sports posters will be a mismatch with teddy bear decorations. 

Never forget that everything placed inside a restaurant must support its story. Every item should contribute to communicating your brand’s promise, personality, and story. Get rid of every irrelevant design and tacky decorations that don’t contribute to your story.

Unclear interior directional signage

Nowadays, many fast food outlets are trying to utilize engaging interior directional signage. It’s good to utilize various zones in your restaurant but ensure those directional signs are clear to your customers. Certain times, as a consequence of making it unique and engaging, guests do find it difficult to understand it due to too much creativity. By way of illustration, when a graphic designer experiments with the simple male and female toilet’s sign by turning it into complicated, it fails the purpose of interior directional signage. Hence, it’s good to keep in check that your fast food restaurant interior design is simple, unique, informative, and engaging yet welcoming.

Overindulge in creating a pleasant ambiance


It is necessary to create a warm and cozy ambiance for your fast food restaurant interior design. However, overdoing it will end up disastrously. Sometimes, fast food restaurants invest too much in furniture, decorations, and lighting to set up a rich look. Nevertheless, instead of establishing a good ambiance, it may result negatively. Not always expensive settings go well with fast food restaurant interior design ideas, ensuring it is comfortable and simple is critical. Often, fast food restaurant furniture can be uncomfortable leading to customer’s displeasure. 

Furthermore, lighting plays a crucial role in adding elegance to your restaurant. Dim or bright lighting is a deal-breaker for many. Poor lighting makes guests struggle to read menus or see what’s on their plate. Creating a layered light effect using natural light from windows along with lighting fixtures is best for setting a pleasant ambiance.  You should have lighting controls that can be dimmed or turned up to full brightness as required.  Also, remember to avoid harsh and bright lighting that creates shadows. Hence, it is necessary to not overindulge in designing the interior and select comfortable, simple yet elegant furniture, decor, and lighting.

Finally yet importantly

In addition to the above mistakes, you should also focus on your fast food restaurant counter design and service areas. Counter design should be minimalist and tidy. Avoid exposing service areas and show only necessary parts of prep areas. These easily attainable blunders have a huge impact on the way your restaurant is perceived. Customers notice and judge everything, for this reason, ensure your fast food restaurant design is convenient, welcoming, and engaging to attract more customers as possible.


What interior design concepts should be considered for a small fast food restaurant? 

Incorporate branding while designing your fast food restaurant by including color schemes, imagery, logos, and brand-specific phrasing to multiple aspects like furniture, decorations, lighting, and themes.

How to improve small fast food restaurant design in India? 

Focusing on fast food restaurant design layout and organization, incorporating branding and aligning it with the vision of your restaurant. Utilizing warm color schemes like red, orange, and yellow to stimulate appetite, make it eye-catching, and stand out on signage. Investing in comfortable furniture, decoration, and lighting to create a pleasant ambiance.

What makes a good fast food restaurant design?

A good fast food restaurant design should be able to incorporate interior design thereby, adding a balance between a welcoming ambiance and maximum seating capacity. The design, furniture, and space should complement each other efficiently so that customers find it engaging, cozy, and convenient.

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